Blood Bowl 2

It seems like forever since I posted something up here, but it’s little over a week! How time disappears when you’re not looking. I go back to work tomorrow, with mixed feelings. I’ll go from all the free time to none f it and back to being a tired zombie within a week or so. New challenges await however and that is nothing to be sniffed at.

For today though… Blood Bowl 2. We’re now paying it on the Xbox One and my word, what a fun game it is too. I am already a huge fan of the table top game and relaly wish I could play it more. We will be purchasing a copy of the new version when it is released in a few months time from the local gaming store -Stronghold I’m looking at you and hoping you don’t charge me the million pounds you threatened me with.

In the meantime however, there is the version we are currently playing. First off, it is a lot less annoying than the last version – the commentators have been toned down a bit, which makes the game much more enjoyable. The little animations the players make when people dash past them is a nice touch, as is the splatters of blood that pour from them when they get punched.

We chose an orc team because… well, it’s orcs and they have a childish brutality to them that I can appreciate. We named our team ‘Smash ‘Em Gud’, picked a few players and off we went. The first team we played – Lizardmen, we utterly annihilated. I think there were four players left by the end, which left us feeling rather good about ourselves. The next team however, were less rubbish… Wood-elves. We lost to these nuisances, however not without costing them a wardancer – who die when he got smashed by our troll! I would also like to note that Wardancers look like they need the toilet when they are moving…

Winning the next match against High Elves put us back in good spirits and we’re yet to play any more games, life being the busy thing that it is.  am looking forward to seeing how the league between friends goes as well, it should be a good laugh and I am sure to keep you up to date on how it goes. For now though, enjoy these pictures I took of our orcs smashing things up!



The Village People

As some of you know, I rather enjoy playing Minecraft. While I was at my sisters, we created a theme park and I did a spot of exploring. Over the mountains in this particular world was a village something neither of us had encountered before. We carried on playing and when I returned home, I decided that it was time for me to find a village in my world. Could I find anything? No. All I located was a couple of wells and a lot of dirt.

I didn’t let that beat me however. If I couldn’t find a village, I decided I would make one. The good old internet informed me how I could capture a zombie villager and cure it using a throwing potion of weakness and a golden apple. There was an incident when it nearly burned to death but shoving it inside a house until it was better did the trick.

Zombie Villager

Then we did it again… i needed two of them after all. I wanted a village, not just one hermit living in a hut near my mansion! The next trick was getting the two people to ‘do the nasty.’ I traded with them, made sure they had some food, built some more huts but not a lot was happening.

Turns out there is a formula involving doors, working out to about 3 doors per villager. Again, the internet helped and I borrowed a couple of designs for houses that were more ‘door efficient’ than what I had been doing. I then spent rather a lot of time making the place look decent. I now have a village of 14 people last count and it’s still growing.


I don’t know when I will stop, probably when I get fed up of the weird creepy noises they make, or the way they stare at you. Maybe never? I might end up with some sort of sprawling metropolis full of them. Either way, it gives me something to do adn I am rather enjoying building it up.


The other half and I looked around a house today.  I hate moving, we have done it so much in the pat that the very idea of it makes me feel rather ill. So when he mentioned the other week that our house had gotten too small (it was too small to start with) and that he thought it was time to look elsewhere, my heart sank. I am not particularly attached to where we are; it’s nice enough but it’s not as much a home as our last place but still, we have a LOT of stuff…

So I turned to the old faithful that is Rightmove and began flicking through the places that we liked and could afford and were the correct size. There seemed to be a bit of a lack in that department, until I stretched the search and came up with what we looked at today.

We drove past the place Friday night; the area is near the centre of town and you never know what’s going to happen. It was quiet. The property was tucked away between an old folks home and a church. A snoop around the following day had us discover it was the vicarage and is owned by the Diocese. It looked quirky, the garden was overgrown but it had a good vibe to it. Anyone that has ever moved will understand what the vibe of a place is – that feeling when you walk in and think ‘yeah, I can live here’

Looking around it today has made me want to live in it more than ever. It was massive, big enough for us, our four cats and the stuff with space to spare. The letting lady was lovely, helpful and friendly – everything you want really from a rental agency. I’ve popped on a couple of pictures so you get the idea of the size of it.

There are of course, more images but who wants to look at a load of empty rooms? Needless to say, our application will be going in and we shall hope to move into it fairly soon. I certainly no longer feel sick about the whole idea either, which is a welcome change.

“It’s D&D….

Fighting with the legends of yore!”

I love playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s always good to get together with a few mates, drink a ‘bit’, eat junk and chuck dice around. We’ve been playing 3.5 edition for a long, long, long time now. Our campaign set in Monty Cooke’s Ptolus, run by our good friend Phil, has been going on for several years but even before that, I played a Dragonlance and have a lot of very fond memories of that too. We even go away for a week around Easter solely for the purpose of chucking dice around.

I often take inspiration from the characters we play and draw them. Our house features a ‘wall of death’ where deceased characters go with a description of their gruesome, grizzly and sometimes hilarious mode of death.



You might not be able to read them very well but one of them got killed by an electric door. Not sure how Mumm-Ra sneaked into the image but he looks mad about it…

I have since branched out a bit when it comes to D&D. I was incredibly resistant to try 5th edition. As someone who hates change, I was not all that comfortable with the idea. I knew how 3.5 works and although some of the rules are a ‘bit’ complex, it had always worked for us.

I tried it. I liked it! What a surprise!! It made a lot of concepts simpler and although I am not all that keen on the enforced backgrounds you have to pick, they are good if you have no idea how to generate a character with a history. It encourages people to play the character and not the stats. There was actual Roleplaying going on in the game, rather than just chucking dice and hitting stuff – don’t get me wrong, I like doing that too but it is good to have a chat with someone rather than braining them and asking questions later.

Either way, I find that I am no longer resistant to 5th edition and rather like it. I won’t become an avid follower of blogs about it, I won’t be listening in to podcasts either but this wasn’t something I did before. I like playing these games with my mates, I don’t want to hear how amazing it is from strangers on the internet (oh the irony)… I already know!



E’vry day I’m Shovellin’

I took inspiration for this post from here This blog is owned by my sister, you should all go check it out!

She raises some exceptionally good points about Minecraft and I owe it to her that I am even playing the game. I always thought it was for kids and therefore, not all that appealing. Oh, how I was wrong.

Since the initial exploration and getting to know how the game works – anyone who knows me will be aware that I can take a while to get to learn these things, especially when there is more than one button involved, I began to build stuff. I’ve always done things on the large side and Minecraft was no exception to this. I decided that to begin with, I was going to build a Cathedral.

Enlisting the help of Dave, we cleared and levelled off a section of the world. We even had to kill a witch in order to do so – the irony of killing a witch to build a cathedral is not lost on me, at all! I then began to create… It’s a lot larger than I thought it would ever be. I’ve popped a couple of pictures below to show what I mean by large.

The main problem I had was the spawning of bad guys in the middle of the place. It was very dark inside and seeing as we are playing on survival mode, Creepers were a real problem. So were Endermen but we’ll leave them alone for the time being. I used underfloor fires covered with glass to assist the torches, I now believe I have a secure Cathedral with plenty of light. I need to finish the glass windows and will come to that when I have enough to finish it properly.

The game is a time sink. I get that, but it allows me to express creativity in a way I never thought possible. I love finding new blocks I can use, adore exploring and seeing what I can find in this world. I have been nearly the length and breadth of it and still not seen one village and I enjoy capturing the different animals. Dave, my partner, seems to enjoy using the red-stone to create automated railways and stations, as well as heading to the Nether and gathering other materials.

I’ve popped a couple of other pictures on to show you the sort of thing we have achieved so far. I’m sure there will be more blogs about this in the future too but for now, this is us!


Blood Bowl

As I may have mentioned in a post previous to this one, I am not a fan of playing Wargames. I never really have been. I always thought it crossed that line I, personally, was never willing to cross. Don’t get me wrong, I have played a couple of demo games here and there and mostly, found there to be too many rules to remember, which I found frustrating which in turn led me to boredom.

I have found an exception.

Blood Bowl, for those of you that don’t know, is a game based around American Football, or Rugby, where the team has to score points by getting the ball to the other end of the pitch and slamming it into the floor.

I decided to go for Orcs as a team. I had seen them played on the PS4 version of the game and they seemed fun. They were. It was. I ended up pummelling my opponent (my long suffering partner) and beating a lot of their players, humans, into the dirt. I didn’t kill any of them but it came close.

I particularly liked the fact that I could name all my players, it gave the team a real feeling – like they belonged to me. Something I felt added a personal level to the game, unlike if I was playing Nagash in Warhammer (for example) who is the same as the Nagash that my mate has, who is the same as the other one… you get the idea.

Anyway, here’s a shot of the team roster and a drawing I did of an orc while we spent the rest of the weekend playing D&D! I hope you appreciate the six orc brothers who are all linesmen, and the Token Goblin too…

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and shall spend some time painting the models in the near future and kicking some more butt!!

Stronghold Games and I

I have always been resistant to games that have the word ‘War’ before them. Painting figures is something I have always enjoyed and like to think I am fairly good at. It was something I started at the young age of thirteen when my sister discovered a shop called ‘Games Workshop’ and bought a pack of little monsters called Nurglings. We had no idea what was going on with the games side of things but before I knew what had happened, one of my shelves was occupied with a load of plastic skeletons and their relative chums. Fast forward several years and I still have a shelf with some painted models on in my house.


These are just a couple and I know the image lighting is a bit rubbish – there’s only so much you can do on a dull day with an iPhone…

I was never bothered all that much about the social or gaming side of things. I went into the shops to purchase what I needed and left again as soon as possible. not because I felt intimidated by the gamers, not because I never felt as though I was welcome, it just wasn’t for me.

Until Stronghold. This is a local games store which has exceptionally friendly staff, who are grown up and very welcoming. On the day they opened, I went along with my partner (A press-ganger for Privateer Press who was running demo games of Warmachine) and painted. I expected to be shoved at the back and ignored as per the usual custom. Alas, such was not meant to be. I was kept liberally supplied with coffee, spoken to very regularly by all the staff members and even some of the more venturous gamers who dared approach my table.

The shop supplies a wide range of games, most of which I have never heard of and the staff are very knowledgeable too. The liberal application of air freshener through the day via an electronic device also made me realise that these people knew their market and knew how to make their store welcoming and not a den occupied by the unclean; something which this hobby seems to attract. I’ve popped some pictures in of the place and really  can recommend a visit if this is your thing – they’ve worked hard to make a decent shop, it is worth it!


An Introduction of Sorts

Hello and Good Morning.

I’m not going to waffle on about all the details of who I am in this post, you’ll find that out as I go along I suppose. I’ll give a brief outline of what this is for and then we’ll see how we get along from there?

While I was visiting my sister the other day(s) we talked extensively about her blog experience and although it is something I have done before, it is something that slipped off the wagon due to a busy life. I have decided since then to have another go at it but with less focus. I reviewed books then and simply do not have the time to read as much as I once did.

Here, I will be posting my experiences in other things. These are a few of them…

  • Roleplaying – I do this a lot. On twitter, table top, LARP, all sorts.
  • Teaching – My vocation of choice and while not off on long breaks from work, the thing that consumes my every aspect.
  • Exercise and weightloss – Something I need to do and am working at. I am not a natural exerciser and I love to eat so this is a battle in itself.
  • General comments about life – we all have them! I may even use this as a forum to vent, who knows!

I think that will do for a first post, let’s see how we get on!