It seems like forever since I posted something up here, but it’s little over a week! How time disappears when you’re not looking. I go back to work tomorrow, with mixed feelings. I’ll go from all the free time to none f it and back to being a tired zombie within a week or so. New challenges await however and that is nothing to be sniffed at.

For today though… Blood Bowl 2. We’re now paying it on the Xbox One and my word, what a fun game it is too. I am already a huge fan of the table top game and relaly wish I could play it more. We will be purchasing a copy of the new version when it is released in a few months time from the local gaming store -Stronghold I’m looking at you and hoping you don’t charge me the million pounds you threatened me with.

In the meantime however, there is the version we are currently playing. First off, it is a lot less annoying than the last version – the commentators have been toned down a bit, which makes the game much more enjoyable. The little animations the players make when people dash past them is a nice touch, as is the splatters of blood that pour from them when they get punched.

We chose an orc team because… well, it’s orcs and they have a childish brutality to them that I can appreciate. We named our team ‘Smash ‘Em Gud’, picked a few players and off we went. The first team we played – Lizardmen, we utterly annihilated. I think there were four players left by the end, which left us feeling rather good about ourselves. The next team however, were less rubbish… Wood-elves. We lost to these nuisances, however not without costing them a wardancer – who die when he got smashed by our troll! I would also like to note that Wardancers look like they need the toilet when they are moving…

Winning the next match against High Elves put us back in good spirits and we’re yet to play any more games, life being the busy thing that it is.  am looking forward to seeing how the league between friends goes as well, it should be a good laugh and I am sure to keep you up to date on how it goes. For now though, enjoy these pictures I took of our orcs smashing things up!



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