As some of you know, I rather enjoy playing Minecraft. While I was at my sisters, we created a theme park and I did a spot of exploring. Over the mountains in this particular world was a village something neither of us had encountered before. We carried on playing and when I returned home, I decided that it was time for me to find a village in my world. Could I find anything? No. All I located was a couple of wells and a lot of dirt.

I didn’t let that beat me however. If I couldn’t find a village, I decided I would make one. The good old internet informed me how I could capture a zombie villager and cure it using a throwing potion of weakness and a golden apple. There was an incident when it nearly burned to death but shoving it inside a house until it was better did the trick.

Zombie Villager

Then we did it again… i needed two of them after all. I wanted a village, not just one hermit living in a hut near my mansion! The next trick was getting the two people to ‘do the nasty.’ I traded with them, made sure they had some food, built some more huts but not a lot was happening.

Turns out there is a formula involving doors, working out to about 3 doors per villager. Again, the internet helped and I borrowed a couple of designs for houses that were more ‘door efficient’ than what I had been doing. I then spent rather a lot of time making the place look decent. I now have a village of 14 people last count and it’s still growing.


I don’t know when I will stop, probably when I get fed up of the weird creepy noises they make, or the way they stare at you. Maybe never? I might end up with some sort of sprawling metropolis full of them. Either way, it gives me something to do adn I am rather enjoying building it up.


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