The other half and I looked around a house today.  I hate moving, we have done it so much in the pat that the very idea of it makes me feel rather ill. So when he mentioned the other week that our house had gotten too small (it was too small to start with) and that he thought it was time to look elsewhere, my heart sank. I am not particularly attached to where we are; it’s nice enough but it’s not as much a home as our last place but still, we have a LOT of stuff…

So I turned to the old faithful that is Rightmove and began flicking through the places that we liked and could afford and were the correct size. There seemed to be a bit of a lack in that department, until I stretched the search and came up with what we looked at today.

We drove past the place Friday night; the area is near the centre of town and you never know what’s going to happen. It was quiet. The property was tucked away between an old folks home and a church. A snoop around the following day had us discover it was the vicarage and is owned by the Diocese. It looked quirky, the garden was overgrown but it had a good vibe to it. Anyone that has ever moved will understand what the vibe of a place is – that feeling when you walk in and think ‘yeah, I can live here’

Looking around it today has made me want to live in it more than ever. It was massive, big enough for us, our four cats and the stuff with space to spare. The letting lady was lovely, helpful and friendly – everything you want really from a rental agency. I’ve popped on a couple of pictures so you get the idea of the size of it.

There are of course, more images but who wants to look at a load of empty rooms? Needless to say, our application will be going in and we shall hope to move into it fairly soon. I certainly no longer feel sick about the whole idea either, which is a welcome change.


2 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that getting this house works out for you.
    Because that living room looks amazing!
    And having all that space… you might get lost!

    It looks really nice.
    I’m excited!


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