Fighting with the legends of yore!”

I love playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s always good to get together with a few mates, drink a ‘bit’, eat junk and chuck dice around. We’ve been playing 3.5 edition for a long, long, long time now. Our campaign set in Monty Cooke’s Ptolus, run by our good friend Phil, has been going on for several years but even before that, I played a Dragonlance and have a lot of very fond memories of that too. We even go away for a week around Easter solely for the purpose of chucking dice around.

I often take inspiration from the characters we play and draw them. Our house features a ‘wall of death’ where deceased characters go with a description of their gruesome, grizzly and sometimes hilarious mode of death.



You might not be able to read them very well but one of them got killed by an electric door. Not sure how Mumm-Ra sneaked into the image but he looks mad about it…

I have since branched out a bit when it comes to D&D. I was incredibly resistant to try 5th edition. As someone who hates change, I was not all that comfortable with the idea. I knew how 3.5 works and although some of the rules are a ‘bit’ complex, it had always worked for us.

I tried it. I liked it! What a surprise!! It made a lot of concepts simpler and although I am not all that keen on the enforced backgrounds you have to pick, they are good if you have no idea how to generate a character with a history. It encourages people to play the character and not the stats. There was actual Roleplaying going on in the game, rather than just chucking dice and hitting stuff – don’t get me wrong, I like doing that too but it is good to have a chat with someone rather than braining them and asking questions later.

Either way, I find that I am no longer resistant to 5th edition and rather like it. I won’t become an avid follower of blogs about it, I won’t be listening in to podcasts either but this wasn’t something I did before. I like playing these games with my mates, I don’t want to hear how amazing it is from strangers on the internet (oh the irony)… I already know!




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