I took inspiration for this post from here https://tragicfangirl.com/2016/06/26/eryday-im-buildin/ This blog is owned by my sister, you should all go check it out!

She raises some exceptionally good points about Minecraft and I owe it to her that I am even playing the game. I always thought it was for kids and therefore, not all that appealing. Oh, how I was wrong.

Since the initial exploration and getting to know how the game works – anyone who knows me will be aware that I can take a while to get to learn these things, especially when there is more than one button involved, I began to build stuff. I’ve always done things on the large side and Minecraft was no exception to this. I decided that to begin with, I was going to build a Cathedral.

Enlisting the help of Dave, we cleared and levelled off a section of the world. We even had to kill a witch in order to do so – the irony of killing a witch to build a cathedral is not lost on me, at all! I then began to create… It’s a lot larger than I thought it would ever be. I’ve popped a couple of pictures below to show what I mean by large.

The main problem I had was the spawning of bad guys in the middle of the place. It was very dark inside and seeing as we are playing on survival mode, Creepers were a real problem. So were Endermen but we’ll leave them alone for the time being. I used underfloor fires covered with glass to assist the torches, I now believe I have a secure Cathedral with plenty of light. I need to finish the glass windows and will come to that when I have enough to finish it properly.

The game is a time sink. I get that, but it allows me to express creativity in a way I never thought possible. I love finding new blocks I can use, adore exploring and seeing what I can find in this world. I have been nearly the length and breadth of it and still not seen one village and I enjoy capturing the different animals. Dave, my partner, seems to enjoy using the red-stone to create automated railways and stations, as well as heading to the Nether and gathering other materials.

I’ve popped a couple of other pictures on to show you the sort of thing we have achieved so far. I’m sure there will be more blogs about this in the future too but for now, this is us!



One thought on “E’vry day I’m Shovellin’

  1. Thanks for the link!

    Minecraft is one of those games thats great because you can pick it up, play for a while and still achieve something. It’s also great to leave it a while and go back to it with fresh ideas as well.

    I love seeing pictures of your world as it grows, so I am looking forward to seeing more updates as you go~


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