As I may have mentioned in a post previous to this one, I am not a fan of playing Wargames. I never really have been. I always thought it crossed that line I, personally, was never willing to cross. Don’t get me wrong, I have played a couple of demo games here and there and mostly, found there to be too many rules to remember, which I found frustrating which in turn led me to boredom.

I have found an exception.

Blood Bowl, for those of you that don’t know, is a game based around American Football, or Rugby, where the team has to score points by getting the ball to the other end of the pitch and slamming it into the floor.

I decided to go for Orcs as a team. I had seen them played on the PS4 version of the game and they seemed fun. They were. It was. I ended up pummelling my opponent (my long suffering partner) and beating a lot of their players, humans, into the dirt. I didn’t kill any of them but it came close.

I particularly liked the fact that I could name all my players, it gave the team a real feeling – like they belonged to me. Something I felt added a personal level to the game, unlike if I was playing Nagash in Warhammer (for example) who is the same as the Nagash that my mate has, who is the same as the other one… you get the idea.

Anyway, here’s a shot of the team roster and a drawing I did of an orc while we spent the rest of the weekend playing D&D! I hope you appreciate the six orc brothers who are all linesmen, and the Token Goblin too…

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and shall spend some time painting the models in the near future and kicking some more butt!!


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