Hello and Good Morning.

I’m not going to waffle on about all the details of who I am in this post, you’ll find that out as I go along I suppose. I’ll give a brief outline of what this is for and then we’ll see how we get along from there?

While I was visiting my sister the other day(s) we talked extensively about her blog experience and although it is something I have done before, it is something that slipped off the wagon due to a busy life. I have decided since then to have another go at it but with less focus. I reviewed books then and simply do not have the time to read as much as I once did.

Here, I will be posting my experiences in other things. These are a few of them…

  • Roleplaying – I do this a lot. On twitter, table top, LARP, all sorts.
  • Teaching – My vocation of choice and while not off on long breaks from work, the thing that consumes my every aspect.
  • Exercise and weightloss – Something I need to do and am working at. I am not a natural exerciser and I love to eat so this is a battle in itself.
  • General comments about life – we all have them! I may even use this as a forum to vent, who knows!

I think that will do for a first post, let’s see how we get on!



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